Welcome to Niche Software

Welcome to Niche Software, a MicroISV based in Wellington, New Zealand.

This site has two (conflicting) goals.

The primary goal of the site is as a host to my writing - mostly entries in my blog, but also including more detailed articles and the occasional highly opinionated editorial.

A secondary, but still important, goal is to be a place to post some tools, utilities and toys that I have written. As I tend to develop applications that "scratch my own itch," most of these are fairly technical in nature. Please check out the license on any item you download - while most are free, a few are not.

Comments are now disabled

Despite my best efforts, I'm slowly being buried in comment spam.

You, dear reader, never see any on this site because I manually check every comment, deleting the spam and approving all genuine comments - but the volume is growing. For the last month or so, I've been deleting twenty or thirty spam comments a day from the site - and those are just the ones that get through the automated defences. The overhead of ensuring the freeloaders don't ruin my corner of the internet has been sapping both my energy and my time, leaving me with little chance do what I enjoy - write code and blog about development.

So, effective immediately, I'm suspending comments on this site.

Visual Studio and IIS Autoconfiguration

Visual Studio has a nice feature where it can automatically reconfigure IIS for you when you run a suitable "services" project.

The benefit is that you don't need to manually mess with IIS - just a one time check to make sure the virtual directory set in your .csproj is correct and everything will "just work" reguardless of the folder in which you check out your source code.

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