The Trap of Discarding information

Wednesday, June 13 2012 smart-code

Here’s a code gem I found yesterday …

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Visual Studio 2012 RC Woes

Sunday, June 17 2012 visual-studio

I’m a little bit jealous of those of you playing with the new Visual Studio 2012 RC - for me it won’t install at all:

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Riding the Wave of Email

Wednesday, June 20 2012 professional

Staying on top of the never ending tsunami of email can be a significant challenge at the best of times, let alone when you work in an organisation that treats email as it’s very lifeblood.

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Of Google Calendar and my Phone

Friday, June 29 2012 good-samaritan

Like many, I live in a busy household with lots going on. With a wife, two kids and a cat, we’re probably less busy than some - but it still sometimes seems like a challenge to keep up.

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