Of Asset Creation and Business Value

Sunday, June 07 2015 professional

Think about what you’re doing when you next write a test, code a feature or fix a defect. Why are you writing that test, coding that feature or fixing that defect?

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Of Software Value and Logging

Sunday, June 14 2015 professional

In my previous post we established that a key factor in professional software development is delivering value to the business - that we are constructing a business asset and that we should be building the greatest possible value into that asset.

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Effective IO for the Modern Developer

Sunday, June 21 2015 tips

Have you ever observed how much your development process is hindered by the pace of I/O?

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Full stack developers - Do they really exist?

Sunday, June 28 2015 professional

So I have to ask whether Adam Bertram, over on the Pluralsight blog really has a point to make or whether he’s just creating linkbait to drive traffic. (I hope it’s the former, since many of his other blogs are quite worthwhile.) For a start, Adam asks a simple question - the same question that I posed as my title - Full stack developers: Do they really exist?

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