A Keyboard of Value

Sunday, July 05 2015 professional

A developers choice of keyboard is an intensely personal one. Some people favor the original IBM Model M with it’s mechanical key-switches. Jeff Atwood feels so strongly about the importance of choosing the right keyboard that he created his own.

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Developer Stereotypes and Career Choices

Sunday, July 12 2015 professional

It’s well known that the human mind takes a lot of shortcuts - it’s one of the ways that it achieves the extraordinary levels of operation that we collectively refer to as “intelligence”. These same shortcuts also lead the mind to make some interesting mistakes - a rich field of quirks ripe for the both ethical researcher and the unethical conman.

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Checklists, Automation and Consistency

Sunday, July 19 2015 deployment powershell psake

Check out the post “14 lessons after five years of professional programming” over on siavosh’s blog. It’s a great list, but I’d like to expand on one item: Check lists are your friends.

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