More On Accidental Technical Debt

Sunday, October 04 2015 technical-debt

Feedback on my post about accidental technical debt, including a great comment from Brian Willis has highlighted two additional mitigation techniques that I omitted from the original post - Code Reviews and Interactive Development.

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Technological Technical Debt

Sunday, October 11 2015 technical-debt

While in many ways a subset of temporal technical debt, the impact of unaddressed technological debt is significant enough that it’s worth breaking out as a separate category.

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Intentional Technical Debt

Sunday, October 25 2015 technical-debt

Intentional Technical Debt is when you make an informed decision to take on some technical debt in order to achieve a more important goal. The key factor here is that the decision must be an informed one, not forgetting the need to handle the consequences of that decision and taking known risk factors into account.

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