The Problem with Documentation

Sunday, November 01 2015 professional

I’ve been asking developers I know whether they think their current project is properly documented. Not one of them has said that they’re happy with the documentation they have and most have talked about the need to write more. I suspect the problem is not one of volume, but of accessibility.

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Options for Better Documentation

Sunday, November 08 2015 professional

In my last post we explored a number of common approaches to documentation and the ways that they fall short. Fortunately, the story doesn’t stop there - we can (and should) do much better.

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The Maintainability Metric

Sunday, November 22 2015 technical-debt

As a metaphor, Technical Debt gives us a useful way to think about certain problems. How can we now try to measure it and ensure that we are improving things, not making them worse?

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On the Merits of Simple Code

Saturday, November 28 2015 smart-code

As developers, we seem to love building complex things. This might be because being good at complexity is a prerequisite to becoming a developer in the first place. But this doesn’t mean that complexity is always necessary.

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