Type Miscellany

Sunday, March 05 2017 immutable-types csharp

As we near the end of this series on immutable types (for now, anyway), here’s a grab bag of things that didn’t seem to fit elsewhere.

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Why Immutable Types?

Saturday, March 11 2017 immutable-types

This series on immutable types has turned into something of an epic - when I began, I never expected it to become a series of this length. For now, the final question I want to address is a simple one: Why are immutable types important?

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You keep using that word: Mandatory

Sunday, March 19 2017 vocabulary

In the classic movie The Princess Bride, one of the villains is repeatedly and consistently surprised by the skill and competence of the story’s hero. Vizzini’s constant cry each time of “inconceivable” drives Inigo Montoya to say “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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