Why we need better validation

Saturday, July 07 2018 validation csharp

The state of validation in C# leaves something to be desired. Recently I was writing some code in the same old classic styles and the frustration got to me - surely there must be a better approach that doesn’t involve great lists of strings, the use of exceptions for flow control, and brittle unit tests.

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Default includes and excludes for csproj

Saturday, July 14 2018 visual-studio

In an earlier post, I detailed how I converted a personal project across to the new csproj file format - it turns out that I made a few mistakes in the process.

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Basic validation

Saturday, July 21 2018 validation csharp

To recap from last time, we want to create a simple library that allows us to express validation in a straightforward way, allowing us to concentrate on the rules we’re checking, not the boilerplate needed to make it work.

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Recovery of validation types

Saturday, July 28 2018 validation csharp

As alluded in the prior post, all of our return types so far have been ValidationResult - but our consumers will need to know whether they have a success or an error in order to make decisions.

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