Avoiding Magic Strings

Saturday, October 06 2018 validation csharp

Building on the infrastructure defined last time, let’s look at how we can avoid the use of magic strings when working with metadata.

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A better approach to reflection

Saturday, October 13 2018 csharp

One of the recurring themes on this blog is the idea of making the computer work harder, not the user or the developer. I discovered recently that there was an easier and faster reflection technique than the one I was using - the technique that I’d been using for most of a decade!

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Introducing the Priority Queue

Saturday, October 20 2018 priority-queues csharp

Recently, while working on a personal project, I needed a priority queue. Instead of slamming all of the items into a sorted list and making do, I decided to do the job properly and write a proper abstraction. To keep things interesting, it was an immutable implementation.

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Designing the External API

Saturday, October 27 2018 priority-queues csharp

As we did previously with our regular immutable queue, we should start by considering the design of our external interface - our API. How do we want our users to create and interact with our priority queue?

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