Creating Branching Nodes

Saturday, December 01 2018 priority-queues csharp

For a queue exceeding two items, our existing implementations are insufficient. We need another - a BranchingImmutablePriorityQueue<T>. Each of these nodes will combine two existing sub-queues with a head item to form a tree structure.

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Queue Testing

Saturday, December 08 2018 priority-queues csharp

It’s vital that our priority queue returns items in the correct order, so we should write some unit tests to ensure that items are returned in the order desired. Fortunately, we can test this fairly easy using property tests.

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Queue Enumeration

Saturday, December 15 2018 priority-queues csharp

Sometimes our users might want to do something odd - like iterate the content of a queue without going to the hassle of dequeuing items one at a time. Fortunately, it’s not hard for us to support this.

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Smarter Queue Enumeration

Saturday, December 22 2018 priority-queues csharp

I have a concern about the amount of debris created on the heap by the enumeration technique we used last time. Let’s explore an alternative approach and see how that compares.

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Queue Equality

Saturday, December 29 2018 priority-queues csharp

As is always important, we need to implement hashing and equality. But what does equality mean for a queue?

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