The Problem with Equality

Saturday, January 05 2019 priority-queues csharp

Did you spot the problem with the implementation of queue equality that we developed last time? As with the other bug we’ve encountered, this one stems from the comparison function we use.

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Generating Hash Codes

Saturday, January 12 2019 priority-queues csharp

Generating a hash code for an immutable priority queue introduces an unusual challenge: How do we generate a consistent hash code regardless of the order items are added to the queue?

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Extension Methods

Saturday, January 19 2019 priority-queues csharp

Sometimes we’ll have an existing sequence of items that we want to prioritize - let’s explore a couple of simple extension methods that can make this easier.

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PowerShell provides a helping hand

Saturday, January 26 2019 powershell

Almost any repetitive action that you do over and over can be automated. It’s not always the big things that need automation - sometimes all you need is a little helping hand. PowerShell is great for this - here’s an example.

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