Console logging and the passage of time

Saturday, February 02 2019 tips

I frequently write console applications to automate things that I used to do manually. Sometimes these are test frameworks for my own use, other times they are utilities that I share.

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Capturing Transient Errors

Saturday, February 09 2019 tips

Have you ever tried to fix a problem where you only got a glimpse of the error before the entire application disappeared in a puff of smoke?

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Explicit Interfaces and Delegate Properties

Saturday, February 16 2019 csharp

When unit testing, it is common to create a fake implementation of an interface so that you can test another component in isolation. But how do you handle the case where each test needs a fake that does something different?

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Converting a List to a Queue

Saturday, February 23 2019 priority-queues csharp

While chatting with a friend about this series, he made a suggestion about a significantly more effective way to implement the ToImmutablePriorityQueue extension method.

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