Sharpen The Saw - July 2019

Saturday, July 06 2019 sharpen-the-saw

In today’s post: C# 7.3 introduces new generic constraints; Visual Studio 2019 v16.1 has been released; The true cost of multitasking isn’t what you think; An oral history of the hamburger icon; and, sometimes Select() really is broken.

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Restructuring Reducers

Saturday, July 13 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

When I got to this point of the series, I expected to be writing about some interaction testing - checking that our messages triggered the right transitions between screens.

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Integration Testing

Saturday, July 20 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp testing

In addition to the unit tests we’re already writing for each of our core classes, we should also write some integration tests to ensure our types interact properly.

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Dependency Injection: Core

Saturday, July 27 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

To this point, we’ve been able to run each of our screens by hand-coding the necessary object initialization. We could continue this as we move forward, but the complexity would grow with each additional screen we complete. Instead, let’s take the time to configure a dependency injection framework that will take care of the complexity for us.

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