Sharpen The Saw - August 2019

Sunday, August 04 2019 sharpen-the-saw

In todays post: Checking for nulls in C#; performance improvements in .NET 3.0; proving stereotypes aren’t true when working remote; blocking the worst passwords; and understanding ValueTask.

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Dependency Injection: ViewModels

Saturday, August 10 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

Based on the foundation from last time, we can now turn our attention to our view-models. How can we use our dependency injection framework to construct each view model on demand?

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Dependency Injection: Views

Saturday, August 17 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

We saw last time that setting up dependency injection for our viewmodels involved a small number of moving parts. The same applies when applying dependency injection to our views, but with a few additional complexities.

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Redux Subscriptions

Sunday, August 25 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

One of the problems we currently have is caused by lack of updates - our application model can change without our view-models being notified that the change has happened, leaving our user interface showing stale information. To solve this, we’ll extend our Redux store with subscriptions, to allow each view-models to be proactively notified when things change.

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ViewModel Subscriptions

Saturday, August 31 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

Now that our Redux store supports subscriptions, we can register to update our existing view models, allowing them to automatically stay current as our application state changes. The changes to each will be similar, but with a few variations on the common theme.

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