In this edition: Good design for developers; Code Maid for Visual Studio; the key to Productivity; Tattoo friendly companies; and Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers.

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Design Cheats for Developers

Good visual design is a particular skill - and one that most developers sadly lack. Fortunately, we can cheat by stealing good design elements when we see them.

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Software and Updates

Code Maid

Even though Visual Studio is already pretty powerful, there is a rich variety of add-ins for Visual Studio that can turbocharge the IDE to meet your needs.

One of these is the open source Code Maid - a set of extensions that works across multiple languages, including C#, XML, CSS, and Html.

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Being Professional

Why Taking Breaks Is The Key To Productivity

While workaholics are often celebrated, there’s actually a lot of good science that shows the need to take breaks in order to achieve high productivity.

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These are the Most Tattoo-Friendly Companies to Work For In the U.S.

Need I say more?

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Video of the Week

Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers

Noted author Kevlin Henney gave this talk at NDC 2014 talking about seven habits that many developers mistakenly believe are valuable.

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