Bootstrapping a Psake build

Saturday, September 01 2018 psake powershell

The PowerShell based tool psake is a great way to orchestrate a build. It can also be used for many other kinds of orchestration. One of the trickiest parts is kicking off the process in the first place.

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Extending validation with warnings

Saturday, September 08 2018 validation csharp

If we cast back our thoughts back to the start of this series, one of the limitations of using string to return each of our errors was that every message has to be an error. What do we do if we want to support another kind of message?

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Validation Metadata

Saturday, September 15 2018 validation csharp

It’s a common requirement for validation messages to be tagged with additional metadata. We might want to indicate which data entry field is the one with a problem, or perhaps provide a tag for machine consumption that identifies which specific problem was encountered.

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Modelling Validation Metadata

Saturday, September 22 2018 validation csharp

Given our requirement of supporting arbitrary metadata on our validation results, how should we modify the semantic types we’ve already created?

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Capturing Validation Metadata

Saturday, September 29 2018 validation csharp

In the last post we showed an api for how we can inject additional metadata into our validation results. The implementation is relatively straightforward - but there are a few moving parts that need to mesh together appropriately.

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