Sharpen The Saw - June 2019

Saturday, June 01 2019 sharpen-the-saw

In today’s post: Jon Skeet’s first steps with nullable types; Markdeep for publishing markdown online; Jerry Sienfield’s closed office door; Misinformation is a people problem; Reignite your motivation with a passion project; and, Who destroyed Three Mile Island?

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First Light

Saturday, June 08 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

First light is the term used for the first time that an observation is made through a new telescope (or other astronomical instrument). Lets get our application up and running.

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Revisiting ViewModelBase

Saturday, June 15 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

When I went to write the code for our next view model (VocabularyBrowserViewModel), I ran into some problems with our original ViewModelBase. Let’s visit those problems and look at how they can be resolved.

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Old blog posts, restored

Saturday, June 22 2019 admin

Digging through some old backups, I found some previously lost blog posts. These are posts that I “left behind” at some point when I migrated blogging platform, most likely when I abandoned my homebrew XML based system and adopted Drupal. Here’s the first batch of restorations.

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Vocabulary Browser

Saturday, June 29 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

For our second screen, we’ll create a browser to show all of the words in a single vocabulary list. Let’s start with a small bit of design, so we know what we’re aiming to build.

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