It’s not enough to just write the software - we need to be able to deploy that software as well. These posts touch on how we can effectively (and repeatably) deploy and update.

Checklists, Automation and Consistency

Sunday, July 19 2015 deployment powershell psake

Check out the post “14 lessons after five years of professional programming” over on siavosh’s blog. It’s a great list, but I’d like to expand on one item: Check lists are your friends.

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Deploying with a bin folder

Tuesday, November 05 2013 deployment

Have you ever wanted a more elegant deployment solution than dumping all the files into a single folder?

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Wix and the Remember Property pattern

Wednesday, August 07 2013 deployment

Once you’ve learnt the basics of using WiX to create msi installers, one of the more sophisticated techniques to master is the Remember Property pattern.

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WiX Techniques Updated

Thursday, October 30 2008 deployment

My whitepaper on WiX techniques has been updated to correct an error.

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WiX Techniques

Friday, September 12 2008 deployment

I’ve collected a couple of my posts on WiX techniques and turned them into a reference white-paper for your convenience.

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NAnt and WiX Versioning

Wednesday, August 27 2008 deployment

In this post, I show how I’ve managed to integrate WiX into my NAnt build scripts while retaining consistency of versioning.

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