Posts about the Visual Studio integrated development environment.

Default includes and excludes for csproj

Saturday, July 14 2018 visual-studio

In an earlier post, I detailed how I converted a personal project across to the new csproj file format - it turns out that I made a few mistakes in the process.

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Converting projects to new csproj

Saturday, June 02 2018 visual-studio

I’m sure I’m not the only experienced C# developer who finds the classic csproj file format to be more than a little inscrutable - difficult to read and understand.

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Custom Inspection Patterns in Resharper

Saturday, July 08 2017 visual-studio

I’m converting my Niche CommandLine library across to use Fluent Assertions. This means updating well over a hundred unit tests to use the new style. Fortunately, Resharper makes this a non-tedious task.

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Why Monospaced Fonts?

Sunday, January 24 2016 visual-studio

Why is it that most developers use a monospaced font for their code?

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Visual Studio and IIS Autoconfiguration

Sunday, March 23 2014 visual-studio

Visual Studio has a nice feature where it can automatically reconfigure IIS for you when you run a suitable “services” project.

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